Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Natural Milk Pie

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Sorry for the huge delay since the previous chapter. I simply lost interest in editing since I found some games to play instead. Anyhow, I finally finish another chapter of Tennen Milk Pie, actually the first chapter. The story is "meh," typical incest plot, no originality at all, but at least it is still kinda cute.

The bad news is that Cala, my main translator is awol right now, so the next chapter may take some more time to get released. I found a replacement, fortunately. Nevertheless, this is hentai, not a continuous manga which you would want to know what happens next, so the wait is not really a problem, right?


1 comment:

Christoph said...

Yay, finaly a new release :) Thanks a lot! Although there isn't a real story I hope that the next release won't take to long ^^