Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hinano Rei

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The last chapter of the Hinano story of Tennen Milk Pie, Hinano Rei is a flashback to the first time Yukihide and Hinano make love and thus fall in love (wait, isn't that the wrong order!? <_<). Hope y'all enjoy it and learn something from Yukihide's experience.

I'm not sure if I want to scanlate the rest of Tennen Milk Pie because the other stories aren't as good as Hinano. Nevertheless, if Cala wants to, then I'll edit. Otherwise, I'll take request until I find a new worth-translating eromanga.



asdf said...

Oh my god, that is so cute. Thank you!

HikaruYami said...

After looking at some of the RAW of this manga, I've decided that you totally want to scanlate the rest. Pleeeease?!

But if you're not going to, can you at least post a full version of the raw volume? I didn't even manage to find one on #lurk... (and it seems like they do SOME hentai)

james said...

Both DDL files are gone now.

Christoph said...

well, the old server ran out on june 29th. Don't ask me why Athos didn't upload the scans to the new server yet.

Anonymous said...

I'll ask him on AQS.

Athos said...

My bad, I forgot to transfer the files to the new server. It's done now. Expect the next release in a week or so. ;)

Reader said...

thanks for Hinano!
viciously cuuuute :3

are you sure this is the last one? cause it looks like the first one to me
i mean hinano-chan was still a virgin in that chapter, and if you take out pages 91 and 92 out, it would make even more sense... of course IMHO