Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yuria 100Shiki Ch09

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The other day when I was surfing 4chan's /h/ as usual, I found this hilarious h manga Yuria 100Shiki, which is about love dolls, y'know, those life-size dolls that utterly sick single japanese men buy to fap in when they are out of vagina-in-a-cans. Anyhow, these love dolls just became perverted androids with emotions in this manga and do funny weird stuff. If you notice, the author of Yuria 100Shiki also writes for My Balls, another humorous manga series. Gotta love the ecchi humor. There is no sex involved in this, by the way; it's not full hentai.

Anyhow, I'll be working with solaris-svu as editor to help them scanlate this series faster. Their translator, Gari, is quite awesome and translates so fast.

Vol 1
Chapter 9 of vol 2

1 comment:

Christoph said...

Thank you for working on this series!
It's really funny and I've enjoyed the first volume!
Indeed some funny scenes, especialy when she wants to have sex and he is "no" xD