Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hinano Ni

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Welcome back, gentlemen, to the H Division. Today we have the second translated chapter of Hinano, the continuation of previous chapter. In this chapter, I originally wanted to uncensor all the vag--- shots, but it took too long to do that, and I was not satisfied with the vag--- that I redrew, so I decided not to uncensor them. It saved a lot of time. The mosaic isn't that "obstructive" anyways.



HikaruYami said...

Ahh~thanks so much for another great release, Athos! And I suppose the non-censoring is all right, since this manga is mostly for boobs anyway. If you're too unhappy with it in the future, you'll change it. That's all there is to it >>

I kinda dislike how your channel is apparently Pokemon-free though (/sob).

Vincent said...
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