Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yuria 100Shiki Vol. 2 (w/ Ch15-16)

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This is the whole volume 2 of Yuria 100 Shiki, all scanlated and includes chapter 15 and 16. I'm too lazy to make 2 separate releases for ch15 and 16, ok? <_<

Vol 2
Vol 1


BigVinny said...

As we stated from our website, http://mangaworld.org/, you may post our work UNALTERED. I have noticed that all our release has been altered, especially our credit has been removed. Please do respect our request, and keep the files unaltered. Or expect indefinite delay on Yuria. Your call.

Athos said...

The yuria releases here are my own edits (me, Athopolis) put before proofread and solaris-h releases. They are not altered. They're just "freshly" edited using Gari's translation without QC revision, which is why they differ from the final releases by svu-h.